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PMIG the Physiology Majors Interest Group Meeting - June 19-21st Minnesota U campus, Minneapolis)


  The Portuguese Society of Physiology (SPFis) focuses on the development of cultural, scientific and pedagogical promotion of physiological sciences, aiming essentially the dissemination of knowledge, the promotion of the highest ethical and deontological standards and the improvement of skills and professional aptitudes of its members.


To this end, this society seeks to bring together all those who, in our territory or abroad, integrated in teaching and / or related research centers, are interested in the latest advances in the knowledge of physiology in its different expressions and areas of intervention. SPFis assumes the challenge, and responsibility, for promoting the education, research and innovation of Physiological Sciences by all appropriate means, by itself or in cooperation with individuals and / or institutions.

The activities of SPFis are aimed not only to scientists, or professionals from different health areas, but also at the general public, seeking to contribute to an effective communication of science, essential in modern societies.

We invite you to participate, collaborating with the SPFis for a more "physiologically informed" future. 


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