FEPS position on the European Citizens’ Initiative ‘Save Cruelty Free

Call to action1. Cosmetic testing on animals has been banned entirely since 2013 and therefore the objectives of the European citizens’ initiative “Save Cruelty Free Cosmetics” […]

Contemporary views on the future of physiology—a report from the 2019 P-MIG focus group

Front. Physiol., 06 June 2023 Volume 14 – 2023 | https://doi.org/10.3389/fphys.2023.1176146 Physiologists are seen as professionals with a unique understanding of life, health, and disease, essential […]

2023 Travel Grants

The Portuguese Society of Physiology offers in 2023 to its members three Travel Grants, worth €400 each. These are essential conditions: – be a member of […]

FEPS Newsletter #40 (March 2023)

Access the FEPS (Federation of European Physiological Societies) Newsletter #40 of March 2023 at the following link.


Participate in the FFUP pedagogical congress (April 11th), sponsored by SPFisiologia – free registration for our members. Please consult this URL [+here], where you will find […]

Physiology in Focus 2023

Physiology in Focus 2023, which will be held in Tallinn, Estonia, September 14-16, 2023. Physiology in Focus 2023 is the first joint physiology meeting of the […]

Physiology 2023 – Annual Conference

The Annual Conference is the main event of the Society. Accept from an intuitive welcome with first-class science, unmissable networking opportunities, all in the historic Victorian […]

Innovation and Updates in Teaching and Student Education across Physiology and STEM in the UK

Education and teaching is an integral part of advancing physiology. Considerations of how we can most effectively adapt to the post-pandemic era are key themes in […]

IUPS 2025 World Congress

The 40th IUPS congress will be held in partnership with Europhysiology from 11 – 14 September 2025 in Frankfurt, Germany. The call for Plenary and Keynote […]