2nd International Meeting of Physiology - Principal Donators and Sponsors

Segundo Encontro Internacional da Sociedade Portuguesa de Fisiologia - Coimbra 2022

Principal Donators and Sponsors

Frontiers in Physiology

Frontiers in Physiology is the second most-cited physiology journal, publishing rigorously peer-reviewed research and promoting a multidisciplinary approach to the physiology of living systems – from the subcellular and molecular domains to the intact organism and its interaction with the environment. This multidisciplinary open-access journal is at the forefront of disseminating and communicating scientific knowledge and impactful discoveries to researchers, academics, clinicians and the public worldwide. It will be the sponsor and publisher of our abstract book.
Veja mais em: www.frontiersin.org/journals/physiology


Plux - Wireless Biosignals

PluX creates biosignal recording solutions that drive innovation in education, research, and healthcare. Since 2007, PlusX aims to facilitate the access to solutions that cover the entire biosignals life cycle & drive biosignals innovation, from learning the first steps with BITalino, research with biosignalsplux, up to developing your next medical device. We provide the biosignals engineering tools & services to build your biosignals products & medical devices while meeting all industry standards and beyond.
See more: www.pluxbiosignals.com

Type Solution

Type Solution a company that advises and sells laboratory and industrial equipment. It develops its activity always taking into account the need for updating and technological innovation, in the national market and Portuguese-speaking countries. It covers research in the fields of water and environment, pharmaceutics, research and development, food and beverage, heath and care, safety and security.
See more: www.typesolution.pt

iThera Medical

iThera Medical is a company dedicated to the development and international supply of functional optoacoustic imaging devices for preclinical research and medical diagnosis at both the macroscopic and mesoscopic regime with applications in the study of cancer, vascular disease and ischemia, inflammation, metabolic disorders and organ disfunction.
See more: https://ithera-medical.com

Courage + Khazaka electronic

Courage + Khazala electronic GmbH is a worldwide leader in skin testing equipment! It commercializes devices for the use in science, dermatology and provides services in cosmetic consulting. Founded in 1986, by Mr. Wilfried Courage and Prof. h.c. Gabriel Khazaka, the company introduced the first scientific measurement tools to objectively quantify parameters on the skin. CK is still the world market leader in this field.
See more: https://courage-khazaka.de

Biogen Científica

A BIOGEN Científica is committed to research since 1989 and commercializes reagents, instruments and consumables for multiple areas of research and diagnosis as well as providing technical assistance for numerous applications. It represents a large number of companies.
See more: https://www.biogen.es


Alfagene has extensive experience in multiple areas of research and diagnosis. It aims to provide its customers with technical and scientific support, together with the products and services of the companies it represents. Since its foundation in 1995, it has established the high quality of products and services as a selection criterion for its represented companies, to meet the needs of its customers.
See more: www.alfagene.pt

Jornal de Investigação Biomédica e Biofarmacêutica

The Biomedical and Biopharmaceutic Research (BBR) is a peer-reviewed, bilingual, international scientific publication published by ALIES, created primarily to foster societal progress through health-related knowledge in the fields of biomedical and biopharmaceutical sciences within the Portuguese speaking countries around the world. The research interests of BBR are focused on environmental, social, behavioural, technological and political perspectives to promote human health and prevent disease in the individual and their communities. BBR was recently distinguished with the High Sponsorship of CPLP (Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries).

See more: www.alies.pt

Fundação Luso-Americana para o Desenvolvimento

FLAD – Fundação Luso-Americana para o Desenvolvimento (the Portuguese-American Foundation for Development) promotes the development of Portugal, the Portuguese and Portuguese-descendant communities through cooperation with the United States of America. FLAD is a bridge between the two countries, focusing on Science, Education, Culture and Transatlantic Relations by supporting grants, fellowships, prizes and FLAD competitions.
Veja mais em: www.flad.pt

Grupo I.L.C.

The ILC group help scientists, clinicians and laboratory professionals to develop all their skills through multiple integrated solutions. ILC is partner and/or represents the world’s leading brands, and ILC’s product offer is broad and representative of the best cutting-edge technology that, together with their integrated knowledge and experience, contributes to offer their clients the best solution. Their focus is and will always be on people.
See more: www.ilc.pt

Delta Cafés

Delta Cafés is a portuguese company specialized in the roasting and marketing of coffee. Leader in the Portuguese national market, it exports to dozens of other countries. A company with history, it also leads innovation in the development of new products. The coffee of your life!
See more: www.deltacafes.pt


Symmetry (ISSN 2073-8994) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access, and interdisciplinary scientific journal, covering research on symmetry/asymmetry phenomena wherever they occur in all aspects of natural sciences. Symmetry is published monthly online by MDPI and welcomes reviews, regular research papers and short note.
See more: www.mdpi.com/journal/Symmetry


Physiologia (ISSN 2673-9488) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal on physiology published quarterly online by MDPI. Physiologia aims at publishing articles demonstrating conceptual advances across the realms of physiology, from humans, to animals, to plants and cells. With a focus upon integrating molecular, cellular, systems and whole organismal function, the field of physiology has very long been recognised as one which advances our understanding of the constructs of life across all species.
See more: www.mdpi.com/journal/physiologia

The Journal of Physiology

The Journal of Physiology is the main journal published by the Physiological Society (UK) and publishes original research in all areas of physiology and pathophysiology that illustrate new physiological principles or mechanisms. Papers on work at the molecular level, cell membrane, single cells, tissues or organs and on systems physiology are welcome as well as papers with a clinical or translational focus, to help further our understanding of the role physiology plays in health and disease.
See more: www.physoc.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/