New IUPS Prizes: submission deadline October 15th, 2023

New IUPS Prizes: submission deadline October 15th, 2023

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IUPS calls for applications for two newly established IUPS Prizes, the Julie Chan Prize, and up to 4 Early-Stage Faculty Prizes for physiologists.

The IUPS Julie Chan Prize is for physiologists who have contributed to international mentoring and/or career development.

Professor Julie Chan was the first female President of IUPS where she made a significant contribution to physiology leadership. The executive of IUPS decided to honor her many contributions with a prestigious award in her name. There will be one prize per year of $1,500.

Physiologists within 7 years of faculty appointment, who have made an excellent contribution to their faculty – quality not quantity, are invited to apply for the IUPS International Early-stage Faculty Prize for recently appointed physiologists. There will be up to four prizes per year, of $2,500 each.

Details about the criteria, the items of the application of both prizes and the e-mail address for submission can be found here.


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